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Sunday, June 26, 2011
Maggiano's Little Italy
Philadelphia, PA USA

Adjacent to the Convention Center

Only $60 including lunch, continental breakfast, snacks & creativity software

Join colleagues from around the world in a day-long minds-on celebration of creativity, computers and constructivist learning.

The Constructivist Celebration features project-based creativity geared towards K-12 educators, administrators & teacher educators.

This year's theme is HARD FUN! Educators completing a difficult year deserve some HARD FUN!

The day ends with a conversation with Will Richardson.

Space is limited! Register today!

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The Constructivist Consortium was established in 2007 by leading educational technology publishers committed to student empowerment, creative applications of computers and the availability of high-quality open-ended materials. This consortium seeks to differentiate member companies and their products from the rest of a cluttered industry.

The Constructivist Consortium will collaborate on efforts to raise awareness about the constructivist uses of technology and will sponsor events intended for educators and policy-makers.

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